It Was a Great Bunch of Guys Who Worked on our Log Home

Often you hear just about the quality of work LHRS does and not perhaps about the people who do the work.  We want to thank Kim and Mike Olson for reminding us just what a good crew we have and how important their contributions are.  Thanks guys!

An email from Kim and Mike Olson (9-5-19)
“We just wanted to let you know again, what a great bunch of guys you had working on our home. We really appreciated you putting the extra crews on our house after the rain delays.  It was sooo nice to have the home completed in such a short amount of time.  I know it was a push for your crew to finish in the shortened time frame but we really, really appreciated it. 

Log Home Restoration Specialist crew that worked on Olson home

Jeff and the LHRS crew that worked on the Olson’s home.

Jeff was great to work with; he listened to every concern and answered every question we threw at him. All of the crew members were very friendly, polite, and hardworking and they did a wonderful job. They made sure to clean up at the end of each day, which we appreciated.  We also appreciated the care they took in making sure we were satisfied with the end result.  I know they ran into a few problems with removing all the old paint that was on the house and dealing with the damage to the logs on the back of the house. 

Jeff originally brought the issue of the damaged logs on the back of the house to our attention.  He offered a solution that would give us the best result possible, which it did.  It added a lot of extra work for the crew but it was well worth the cost for us to get the best result possible.   I really appreciated him making sure that we would be satisfied with the end result.  The work they did on the garage was great also.  It turned out a bit better than the house due to it being stained originally and not painted.  

We wanted to again thank Jeff, Tyler, Guy and the rest of the crew for all their hard work.   I am sorry to say we did not know all of them by name to mention but see the picture for reference.  We look forward to seeing a few of the guys back next year at maintenance time as we continue to work with your company to maintain our home’s new look.   

We also want to thank you Peter, for always returning phone calls, texts and answering all of our questions and concerns. It really made things easy working with a company like yours.”

Thanks again,    Kim & Mike Olson